Treating impotence Viagra.

Impotence, or as it is called in medicine - erectile dysfunction is the lack of strength of erection and inability of the patient to perform normal sexual intercourse. It has a different origin and different degrees of severity. Viagra - a medicine with more than a decade of experience successfully treat the disorder at any age. In this article, experts in pharmacology detail and talk about this treatment.

Among the various types of sexual dysfunction in men - loss of sexual desire, problems with ejaculation or orgasm, erectile dysfunction has been 11 years, is an effective therapeutic agent - Viagra (sidenafil). The drug extend their power and duration of erection.

Is it always possible to count on the positive effects of Viagra?

Almost always, if it is adequately appointed - the expert in pharmacology. Of course, there are unfortunate exceptions. Everything will depend on the cause of the disease. Impotence can be varying degrees of severity, and have different causes. Each patient - they own. Complete impotence is usually associated with organic disorders at the level of the nervous and muscular system (paralysis, a side effect of medication) in blood vessels or the penis (injury, multiple sclerosis cavernous bodies) and others. Here, Viagra does not help. In most cases, impotence is associated with disorders of blood circulation in the penis. Many men have psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. With age, the male sexual potency is reduced, but impotence can not be considered a normal part of aging.

The mechanism of erection is associated with relaxation of vascular muscle Buy Viagra Online corpus cavernosum of the penis and filling of cavities with blood. In the case of any violations, Viagra successfully blocks one of the Formenti, pryapyatstvuyuschih this process.

Experts in pharmacology recommended before taking Viagra, be sure to consult a urologist to correctly identify the need for and the possibility of such treatment, and not rely solely on the glory of the drug and its own intelligence. Dear readers, if you are reading this article on the website of the Embassy is not medicine, it is taken there is unauthorized.

The lion's share of the drug Viagra to treat impotence market, has been divided with the arrival of other drugs PDE-5 group, which work on the same principle. New drugs have to work longer and better than sildenafil citrate, but it is not always the case. A new class of drugs has successfully compete with pioneering the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The basis of their action laid the other principles, such as drug Uprima Uprima ® stimulates the secretion of enzymes, which causes an erection by generating respective pulses in the brain. Clinical trials of this drug is quite successful.

On this site I have already described the mechanism of action of ED group brought their comparative characteristics. Thank you for your feedback in the themes of Viagra. I hope that the work done will help you choose the right products to be optimal.

Viagra has become so popular because of its effectiveness. This drug has been successful for 65% -75% of men, even with heavy long-term and severe cases of impotence. A study by Pfizer ®, the manufacturer of Viagra, erectile dysfunction showed improvement of 70% in men of all segments of the population. Viagra effect starts after 25-30 minutes after administration, and continues to act up to 4 hours, but usually fizzles erection after ejaculation. Remember also that alcohol or fatty junk foods can make it difficult and slow down the effect of the drug Viagra Online. Another advantage of this drug is that little blue pill easy to swallow, it is unnecessary to make painful procedures and injections. Viagra is available without a prescription.

Sexual myths and reality:

Many people are at the mercy of various sexual myths. This is dangerous because, following the opinions of others and stereotypes, not trying to know and understand themselves, people not only impoverish the intimate relationship, but often turn them into a heavy burden. Misconceptions about their own capabilities often make people unhappy. The man begins to inspire myself that he lowered sexual feeling that he is impotent, that he is not a "real man." But how do you know what is the norm? Unfortunately, because of tradition, sex education begins with us gossip, boasting, illiterate "stories" told by friends. As a result, myths are born of a "strong" men and fears - "I present the man?" How is born the concept of "real man"? For many, keeping in mind the sexy, a man with a strong male potency. But everything is relative! The rules do not and can not be, since male potency is extremely individual. It's hard to find even two men of similar sexual temperament. However, as it is healthy, normal men consider themselves to be impotent because of their sexual activities do not fit the "norm", created in his understanding, because they strive to meet unrealistic standards. Just because they know: in other "everything goes." In fact, men are not so honest and objective with regard to their sex. Stories "supermuzhchin" about their victories are often the next myth. Studies confirm that hypersexuality is characteristic only of young people from 14 to 18 years, adult male desire is not manifested to every woman. Sexual response varies depending on the attractiveness of women, on the environment, on the health of men. It will be appreciated exceptionally large individual variations of physiological sexual capacity in men. Buy Viagra Online Some are capable of repeated daily intercourse and others, despite the good general condition, they may not have more than 1-2 times per week. In some individuals, despite their normal physical and mental health, sexual activity is so low that almost borders on the impotence. Thus, the fact that one man can be considered a relative impotence, another is the norm. Everything is so individually! Sexual failure can be tolerated only when the man, compared to its previous potency, came more or less pronounced her fall. Sexologists advise to abandon the high demands on themselves, not to do violence on themselves. Sexual life is not compatible with any pressure on the psyche. One of the most common myths associated with the phallic cult. Some men begin to complex, considering his penis is not enough large compared to some average norm. Remove from the yoke of concern. Stop panicking. Note that for the sexual satisfaction of women is much more important is not so much the size of the penis, much technique intercourse against the background of psychological and emotional comfort. Unfortunately, for many men, sex - it's biological function, a mechanical movement. Such men are "using" a woman only to meet his sexual feelings, regardless of the partner's emotions. Striving to whatever was to prove their strength, to be on top of men often leads to failure. And the more they tend to "technical excellence", the less can achieve success. Show more sensitivity, attention and affection to your partner, and you will understand that impotence was imaginary. The true joy of love and pleasure arises only when the mutual physical and mental harmony, leading to mutual satisfaction.