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Employment Opportunities

We don't hire often but we do keep our eye out for good talent.

Most often we are looking to fill temporary or on-call type positions. These PT/Temp positions could very well become permanent for the right person.  A good fit would be a person that has some knowledge in the Audio/Video arena and/or Web Design field - not "well seasoned" necessarily, but should have "some" experience, education and/or interest in these fields. We have very few staff members for a reason. Each person covers a wide range of duties which allows us to run more efficiently, this also means we don't hire often.

With this said, if you think you may be a good fit, you may apply at any time, we'll keep your information on file. In the event we need to fill a position, we look through applicants that have applied recently and have taken the time to stop in and introduce themselves to us.  Please keep in mind, we're a multimedia company, so we do not work expressly with music or musical talent, nor do we solely focus on music or other recording. The bulk of what we do evolves around film transfers, video related jobs, live sound support and gear rentals. If you are looking for a job working in the recording industry, you may not find what you need here at ADEK.

All positions are filled at this time.
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