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Intelligent Lighting (automated lighting) can change the atmosphere from "great" to SPECTACULAR! Whether it's a party, show or other event, lighting can make all the difference! These are not your "average" can lights and spotlights, but fully automated action lighting that can be programmed to suit your specific needs.

We offer various types of lighting for any occasion or service:

  • Intelligent Lighting - Packages starting at $1500
  • Disco Lights - Disco Ball, Pin Spots and more!
  • Truss Lighting -  An easier way to customize your lighting needs.
  • Tree Lights - 4 cans per light tree, easy
  • Spot Lights - great for plays and other live performances
  • Uplighting - Do-it-yourself packages starting at $160! Full service packages starting at $950

We can deliver and setup or you can pickup and setup yourself. Just let us know what you need! Not sure? We can help you plan out your lighting for the very best result!

Click here for many of our rental items including lighting!

Don't forget we have staging, PA Systems, Live Sound Support and more.  Why go anywhere else when ADEK can facilitate your event from top to bottom!  Need some assistance in figuring it all out, please contact us, we'll be happy to put it altogether for you at a fair price.

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