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Pre-Post Production Services

For larger productions such as Commercials, short films, instructional pieces, etc., it is important to work out the details before we get to the actual taping. This cuts down the editing time and ensures that all the required elements/shots are included in the recording.storyboarding and scripting

These are the basics:

  • "The Treatment" - Designates the intended purpose and content information.
  • Scripting - States exactly WHAT and HOW the "treatment" will be produced.
  • Storyboarding - A detailed layout of the actual shots and audio narration/captions.


As well, ADEK can assist you with all areas of your project for a complete solutions, including:

  • Casting
  • Location/Site Prospecting
  • Adding Props, Special Effects, etc.
  • CD/DVD Duplication and Packaging for distribution.
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