Addt'l Information

Room is equipped with standard keylights.

Optional Equip. & Services:

  • Camera with Operator
    • Standard Digital $125/hr
      (3 available)
    • High Def $175/hr
      (2 available)
  • Teleprompter w/operator $200 $150/up to 4hrs.
  • Optional Microphones: boom & lavalier
  • Special Effects Lighting
  • Custom Sets

Room Availability:

Monday - Friday 10am to 5pm*
Weekdays After/before hours by appt.*
Sat. & Sun. by Appt.*

*Evening and weekend reservations available. These rates are higher.

Home Video The Green Screen Studio
The Green Screen Studio

Green Screen Studio!

Green Screens are used by everyone in the media industry – from your weather person at the local news station to bigwig directors like Steven Spielberg in Hollywood.

Why Use Green Screen Technology?

The most common use for green screen is to provide a backdrop for your actors when it may not be feasible (financially or practically) to actually film in the desired location. For example, if you want your actors to be standing on an active volcano you may choose to find some volcano footage and then film your actors in front of a green screen. Using the power of technology you can then remove the green and replace with the volcano footage.

Rates $125/hr. Min. 2 hours or $150/hr.

Cameras are not included in the rate listed. Weekend rates are higher.


  • TV Production
  • Web Advertising
  • Instructional Videos
  • Film/Movies
  • Special Effects
  • Music Videos

The Room:

The room is equipped with:

  • 18' x 8' Green screen
  • Screen Lighting, which can be adjusted as necessary, we suggest you bring your own key or subject lighting or ask us about rentals.

Also Available:

  • Video camera and operation services available. (Requires a minimum 2 hour room rental).
  • Teleprompter w/operator
  • Microphones: wireless, lavalier, mic/stand setup.
  • More robust PA system with an engineer.
  • Subject or Key lighting.
  • Custom set setups..

The Basics: Getting Started and Wrapping it up!

  • Book your reservation: 410.268.9109 (Be prepared to make a deposit!)
  • Prepare your Script/Storyboard: Have you written a script for your video shoot and have you created a storyboard? ADEK Productions is willing to help you with either of these!
  • Rehearse: More rehearsals, equal less takes!
  • Film: Our technicians are ready to film your production if you are not providing your own cameras and operators.
  • Edit: We will edit your background footage and chroma-key the green screen.
  • You're Ready To Go!

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today! We're here to assist you with your project and answer any questions you may have.

Call: 410-268-9109 or email us


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